Thursday, 23 June 2011


Life is not a fairy tale. Sometimes when you met the kindest people, you will think, 'How I have been a bad muslim in this life'. But when you met people that you think is the worst, you will said 'Oooh, how grateful I am to Allah for give me such a pure heart'.

But sometimes, other people will always talk bad about others. That's normal because it is human nature after all. Maybe I would say that in the past. Now, when I flashed back the time I spent at Mecca, how mad and angry I felt when I heard people said something bad about others. I felt relieved because spending time really change me.

There was once at Mecca, when my fellows mate and myself at a hill called Jabal Magnet. I heard a conversation that four men were talking about. At first I could not even care less. But after a while, they started to talk about how good our country for having such system that can support citizens to study oversea.

For me was not a bother. Suddenly I noticed, one of the man was quite. Really really quite. At first I just ignored him. But, some thought hit me on the head "Of course he is quite. Compared to our country, his homeland never had such things. He only stayed in Mecca to study about Islam which take a while for him to arrived here since he is a poor person". Then, that time, I don't know why but I felt really angry because if me who is the one on the man shoes I think I will go berserk if someone say like that in front of my face.

But, he look really calm and even smile when the men about that topic repeatedly knowing the insulting was direct to him. I was shocked but then I realized, maybe it was hard for him to arrive there, but still with his du'a Allah grant his wishes to study at the Holy place compared to the other men, they maybe rich, but even a six years old kid could differentiated pure-hearted guy and a bad guy is because seriously, they still could not kept their mouth closed even though we are all in Holy place.

There, I learnt and met a lot of things. I learnt that there are people who are really poor that they even didn't have anything to eat, with an old slippers, they walked around the Mecca city with a big ambitious, that is to make Islam as a triumph in their and other people life.
I also met the most kind and shy person. Maybe he is still young and inexperienced and always apologize to my fellow friends and myself when he thought he made some fault. But seriously, looking at his streak, his face, how he talk to other people, we know that how pure this person, how lucky he is for being able to live, to study at Mecca, the city where Islam begin during our Prophet's time.

So, I just hope, in the future, I will be able to go to Mecca back and seriously, I want to become a good muslim doctor so that, I can go back there and serve muslim and others that are in need. I know, I am not a good muslim as I should be, but with this ambition, I wish that way, I could at least serve my muslim brothers and sisters there, and hope that one day I could met a person that is as kind as the "person' is.